Let's start building the audience you will own together.

except you'll be free from restrictions on day one:

You'll get the features of an ESP as you'd expect:

Arrive first to an audience you own: your email list





Done-for-you service for your own customized Email Service Provider so you can start sending email campaigns today.


✅ Up to 50,000 emails/mo

✅ Email marketing consultation & strategy

✅ Recommended email workflow
✅ Automation sequences

✅ Creation of email sender

✅ Integrations with existing apps

✅ Customized email templates






Everything in Starter in addition to:


✅ Up to 100,000 emails/mo

✅ Full-time campaign execution and support




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ESP (email service providers) have existed for a very long time and the plan of action is straightforward:


You create a list, ask people to sign up, and you send emails to them.


The emails you send are essentially DIY.


The difference with 845a.io is you won't do it alone.


You'll have a strategy, implementation, and suggested automation flows customized to your audience and goals from day one.


While email is one part of your Content Flywheel, it is by far the most important, as these people want to hear from you and have permitted you to do so.



Unlimited contacts


Unlimited audiences


Unlimited automations

On-brand email sender domain


Sign-up forms


Landing page builder for standalone campaigns


Email template builder


Dynamic content


Segmented audiences


A/B Testing


Database sync with other apps




For any brand or business, a customer's inbox is their home base for everything they do online. 


Social media platforms? They signed up by email.


Online purchases? They signed up by email.


While you may (and should) continue to build an online presence, if you are selling goods or services, you ultimately want to drive them to your email list.


Every brand has its own form of a Content Flywheel, but it's going to look similar to this: